I found the love of my life and I’m so sure when I say that
2:20 am  •  18 February 2014

Its the best feeling in the world to feel in love. No that kind of love where you’ve just meeting someone and you think they could be the one. The kind of love where you know they’re the one. The kind of love where you look forward to a future. You can actually sit there and plan a future. The kind of love where you’re so sure of the future that you just enjoy the moment and look forward to what is going to happen next. That kind of love is awesome. 

10:49 pm  •  8 December 2013  •  4 notes

I just want to lay in a fucking bed with a guy I like. We can keep our clothes on or not. But I just want to lay there and kiss and talk and just forget about all the shit I worry about on a daily basis. I just want the feeling of finally having someone there for me. 

9:32 pm  •  7 March 2013  •  2 notes

I’ve never been in love with someone outside of my family. I wonder what it feels like.

11:16 pm  •  21 February 2013

I like guys who wear beanies. I like guys with deep mysterious eyes. I like guys who can give you those sexy smirks. I like guys who aren’t stiffened up with so much muscle but also not too stalky. I like guys who make you work to win their affection but at the same time they aren’t arrogant. I like guys are completely comfortable talking to and you don’t even have to sit there thinking about how to reply. Mostly I like a guy who accept you for who you and and love every part of you.

11:01 pm  •  6 February 2013  •  2 notes